We take the pain out of hiring the best people.


Why Us?

We only work with companies whose vision, and culture, we can get behind. We approach our clients as a partnership. Part of our secret sauce is that we're real people, who get to know your company, your culture and truly get invested in your success. We value authenticity, respect, diversity and thoroughness in the hiring process—and won't settle for anything less. Learn more.


What We Do 

AVRA partners with startups and growing firms to help fill non-technical talent. We give your company a world-class, dedicated recruiting team for an unbeatable price, by leveraging our distributed workforce of experts to quickly and effectively fill needed roles. Each search is unique and fresh, we manage every aspect of the process and hand you only the top 10% of applicants who have a good chance of being a fit.

Our Special Sauce...

AVRA Talent is the first of its kind to leverage a distributed workforce of hiring specialists who quickly and effectively fill needed roles, ensuring diversity of thought, and thoroughness throughout the process.

The Five Disciplines of Hiring

  • The Strategist

  • The Domain Expert

  • The Interviewer

  • The Headhunter

  • The Coordinator

We believe hiring is part art and part science. Our Five Disciplines of Hiring are a result of decades of first-hand experience as well as studying the highest-performing teams and organizations. Each specialist is highly trained in, and passionate about, their particular discipline. Since our team is geographically distributed, we are able to tap into the highest quality specialists who are experts at finding, vetting and closing the best candidates. Learn more.


"I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people not on strategies." - Lawrence Bossidy


How We Do It

First, we match you with a dedicated recruiting team, led by a seasoned Strategist. They get to know your culture, the outcomes you want for each hire, then design a real-world hiring strategy, and start providing results fast. In four simple steps we can ramp up and begin finding the best people for your open roles.

01. Deep dive

This step involves understanding your company’s mission, goals, culture and what your ideal candidate looks like for each position. Deep dives are lead by The Strategist and attended by your team so we can accurately represent your company throughout the hiring process.

02. strategize

Each role has a unique strategy depending on the current employment climate, demand for the role, experience required, and other factors. The Strategist and The Domain Expert meet to figure out the best combination of inbound and outbound recruiting, then adjust as we test it against the real world.

03. build

We start out by implementing an ATS (applicant tracking system) or optimizing what you currently use. Next, we build out the framework that leads to finding the best person for the role. Including creating compelling job descriptions, developing targeted and creating a scorecard for each role.

04. execute

Once a strategy is in place, our specialists get to work sourcing and filtering. This includes managing candidates through each step of the process, creating dossiers when passing on quality candidates to the in-house team for further interviews and running back-channel reference checks when an offer is being considered.