About Team Avra

We're a group of people passionate about connecting others with meaningful work and the endless possibilities of remote recruiting!

Maren Kate

Founding Partner 🧐

Feeder of 🐦, 🐿 & other city-slicker animals. Builder of remote-first companies. Lover of a good book (or three).

Why Remote?
As a deeply restless person, working from my computer lets me change scenery 3-4 times a day without having to become a freight train drifter.

Susan Donovan

Managing Partner | Interviewer 🧘‍♀️

I started in this field working for Lee, Hecht, Harrison (Adecco) and realized that I loved it!

Why Remote?
Today, I had to get the front end of my car aligned. I was able to log on and keep working while my car was being serviced. I love the freedom/flexibility of remote work.

Tara Espinoza

Strategist 🎉

LE lover (husband), cheerleader (for 2 daughters), natural health advocate, solution creator, feline tamer (2 Siamese cats), and a lifelong learner. My love for family, strategy, wisdom, and remote work propels my mornings - late nights.

Why Remote?
Remote work gives me flexibility and more time with my family.

Cheryl Neuwirth

Senior Sourcer | Operations 🙌

Former librarian + lover of research 🧐Organizing is my favorite! Forever trying to tame my backyard 🌱and my two kids 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Why Remote?
I get to work when I work best!

Kym Vasquez

Interviewer 💥

🧞‍♀️ able to recruit any position….also… a 🐒 Monkey tamer… Travel junkie…. Beach lover…Audible addicted…and Whole Food grubber 😋

Why Remote?
I can travel anywhere and still do my favorite work….roping the elusive 🦄s for my clients.

Meekin Owens

Coordinator 🦄

Passionate behind the scenes organizer 🤓 and fan of all things documentation. Avid truth seeker 🧐 House Hunters International addict 🏡 Animal hug specialist 🤗

Why Remote?
I get to hang out with my dog 🐕all day and give him lots of love with the flexibility to take a break and go for a hike! ⛰️

Kristin Vierra

Strategist 👍🏼

Strategizer 🤔, travel enthusiast 🛫, recent digital nomad 💻, aspiring minimalist and a lifelong learner 🤓.

Why Remote?
I can pursue my passion for travel and exploring different cultures while doing work that I love and helping others find fulfilling work. Nothing like the option to work in leggings daily.

Sarah Rowe

Executive Assistant 🤪

Organizer of all things schedule-related. 📆 Efficiency optimizer. ✔️ In my free time, I’m a frequent flier 🛫, an LSU Tiger by marriage 🐯, and mama 👪.

Why Remote?
Remote work means… flexibility & freedom to work how I want, where I want and when I want! Plus, every day is different and I’m never bored.

Lizzy Bannister

Coordinator | Content 🌹

Mama, yogi, wildland firefighter wife, gardener, Frenchie, bookworm, mountain lover, and desert trodder...with a sweet tooth to boot.

Why Remote?
I've been spoiled by roles in remote work and am inspired daily by the pure joy and creativity it invokes...as they say, I'll never go back.

Gillian Cienfuegos

Coordinator | Executive Assistant 🌬

Obsessed with anticipating & attacking the nitty, gritty “deets” of coordinator & executive assistant work. Lover of literature, philosophy, film & the stage. Professional actress & vocalist. 🎭 🎤 Proud wife & proud mama of the sassiest 🐈 on the planet. Heavily meditated 🧘🏻‍♀️ ✌🏼

Why remote?
Not having the typical “9 to 5” allows me to actively continue my creative pursuits. Working remote helps me stay adaptable, flexible and motivated to tackle any task that comes my way.