List Your Startup on AngelList (how-to)

List Your Startup on AngelList (how-to)

As a startup, AngelList ( may be the first time an investor stumbles upon what you’re doing. In the last few years, it’s also become a hub of startup talent looking for new roles, therefore it’s important to make sure your AngelList profile is not only up-to-date for fundraising but a solid representation of your employer brand.

At Avra Talent, we often work with early-stage startups who haven’t set up, or optimized, their AngelList profile yet. So we decided to write a post on how it’s done. Now you can go out there, raise gobs of money, hire great people, and dent the universe or whatever it is your startup is here to do!

Step 1 – Prep Yo’self

  • Most importantly, have a solid company name (because it’s the first thing people see… and, remember, investors don’t read every profile they see)!
  • Be attentive to your marketing strategy, financials, and production timeline. 
  • Finalize your website. Polish it. Shine bright like a diamond.
  • Browse trending and featured Startups on AngelList. Looking at successful profiles can give you tips on how to fill out your own startup’s profile.
  • Meanwhile, look for reputable people in your industry. Pitch your company to them, and gather their support and/or investment (if that is what you are after) before starting your AngelList Company Profile. This can and will show other people that your company is or will soon be, worth their time and money.
  • Be ready to give your pitch to interested people, potential hires, and investors on short notice. This includes, but is not limited to: fire-ready pitch to anyone ready to hear it and your video conferencing/chat system is solid, works every time and is ready to go.
  • Google your company, yourself, and all of your team members. Make sure that you are all portrayed in a strong, positive light and show that you are a reliable team.

Step 2 — Create your company’s AngelList profile 

  • Create your Company Profile
    • Firstly, you’ll need a personal profile
    • Secondly, click on your picture in the top right, and Create Company Profile
  • Fill out each field. Be to-the-point concise, but give a complete overview of your company.
  • Clearly state your fundraising goal and be upfront about how much you want to raise in your current round of fundraising. It’s not necessary to fundraise to create a Company Profile on AngelList or to post a job.
  • Use all 4 markets because those following the listed markets will come across your startup easily. It is not wise to create a new market. If you create a new one, no investors will be following it, therefore no one will be able to find you.
  • Choose a semi-broad location. Many investors like to invest in local companies and will search for companies in their area. Therefore it would be better, for example, to list “Bay Area” or “Silicon Valley” over “San Jose.” On the flip side, “California” would be too large of a listing.
  • Add every member of your team. This will ensure their network will be notified when you add them to your company, resulting in an increase in the number of people who visit your profile.
  • Revise.  Before publishing your profile, go over it yourself, and ask team members to review as well. 

Step 3 — Hiring on AngelList

There are many candidates specifically looking for startup jobs on AngelList. Connecting with these people is free, and completely easy, and not over-run by recruiters… yet.

  • Click the “Recruit” tab on the AngelList site
  • You’re now on the Talent dashboard, click the “Post Job” button in the sidebar
  • Fill in job details – The key here is to be realistic about the skills you need, and super thorough in explaining the role:
    • Be specific: there’s no need to sift through poorly matched candidates.
    • Remember, unicorns don’t exist. If you describe the perfect candidate with a million years experience (20+)  and over-the-top proficiency in a rainbow of skills (5+) in your job posting, you won’t find them. 
    • When choosing skills, choose the skills with the most followers, unless you have to add a new skill. AngelList is actually really good about reviewing and adding new skills created by users to their system.
  • Add salary and equity data, if you can. You’ll have to add one or the other. No way around it (unless you have a Premium account).
    • Candidates using AngelList expect any job posting they see to have accurate compensation information included. 
    • If you are uncomfortable about posting salary or if you aren’t sure what the compensation for a role is ultimately going to look like, you can set a large range. If you need permission from someone else at your company to post compensation information, you can publish your job and then update it later.
    • Perhaps you just don’t want to publish your compensation information, you can pay to have your job listed as a Premium Job, which will allow you to omit compensation data without penalizing it in candidate job searches. To sign up for Premium Jobs, contact AngelList at
    • Need more help setting the right compensation? Use AngelList’s free salary tool.
  • Set the right recruiting contact and email
    • Click from the dropdown list, select the right contact, and then add other recruiters from your team
      • These team members must be “employees” of your company or this will not work.
      • If you are using a Recruiting Firm, this will need to be done in a slightly different way, and we are thrilled to help!
    • Email address(es) must be your/their work email. This will likely need to be changed as most recruiters have set up a personal profile prior to the Company Profile being created, so a personal email is attached.
    • This can be done quickly in the Settings page
  • Submit your job posting

For more details or if you like to follow along with pictures, you can use AngelList’s direct instructions for posting a job here.

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