Applicant Tracking System – Take the Pain out of Hiring

Applicant Tracking System – Take the Pain out of Hiring

Whether you’re a fully remote team, or a startup with offices in the oh-so-trendy SoMa district of San Francisco, the majority of the hiring process is now managed digitally. From gathering applications to posting your job, skill assessments, referrals and even scheduling for candidates to meet IRL—the whole process can, and should, be managed online and in an Applicant Tracking System.

Understanding which tools are best suited for your needs, and then investing the time (and money) into integrating them will not only save you time, but will also allow you to hire better, and make sure no candidate falls through the cracks.

Ok. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a super sweet software application that brings to fruition the concept of “HR Tech,” making it an economy standard. ATS’ enables the handling of the near-entirety of a company’s recruitment operations. All ATS solutions aim to help businesses streamline recruiting activities by integrating platforms that can handle every bit of the recruiting cycle; from tracking candidates, to managing payroll, compliance requirements. interview scheduling and candidate screening/evaluations. All of this comes together with your team’s collaboration and communication—in one tangible and centralized location. So, even if you aren’t working from a fancy SoMA office, you can hire like you are.

Choosing the right Applicant Tracking System can be tough…like super tough… and time-consuming

To resolve your Application Tracking System quandaries, you need to take a pause and take the time to truly figure out the real hiring challenges and goals that you would like, and need this tool to solve:

With these self-reflective answers, you can:

1) determine how exactly your business should build its recruitment process to its utmost benefit

2) construct goals for this build and your expectations for what an ATS can do to help you realize those ends

3) decide which ATS tool will fulfill those expectations

From Avra To You—Our Top Choices for an Applicant Tracking System!

Fortunately, Avra’s in-house hiring tech experts have used many Applicant Tracking Systems–tried and true.  We’ve done the research, tested the tools, and reached our conclusions—which we are, at long last, delighted to share with you.


Why It Stands Out: Breezy is notable because it is wholly comprehensive in functionality and applicability while also keenly attending to details and results. This applicant tracking system is not only widely targeted to companies of all sizes/industries, but also actively holds your hand through each recruitment phase. It has your back:

  1. Preliminary education steps with “actionable insights” to enable your informed decision-making
  2. Initial “advertising” steps via premium boards and other means of sourcing top candidates
  3. Fundamental steps of building  the “most user-friendly” and “customized” recruiting pipelines for your ideal candidate management structure
  4. Ensuring constant, transparent communication and coordination both within your team and with your prospective hirees

Why We Use It: Avra leverages Breezy’s delightfully adaptable and feature-rich platform for clients lacking their own ATS infrastructures, as well as for recruiting and managing open requests for prospective candidates who might well be “old-school” in their job search. Our team enjoys the optimal end-to-end management of searches for every position Avra must fill. Breezy has earned its place on our top ATS list.


Why it stands out: Greenhouse provides top technology, resources and expertise to make every company great at hiring. Greenhouse’s reports and data-driven results are one of the reasons why it straight-up ties with Breezy as a top resource.

Why we use it: Greenhouse has a comprehensive and custom approach to streamlining and improving a company’s end-to-end hiring process, Greenhouse is more strategically tailored to certain companies. Thus, while most qualities outlined above for why AVRA’s experts love utilizing Breezy as an ATS tool are applicable to Greenhouse, there is a telling contrast: Specifically, AVRA capitalizes on Greenhouse’s capabilities when the client already employs this set-up as its in-place ATS.  

Ultimately: AVRA’s reasons behind this recommendation underscore both Greenhouse’s efficacy and the overarching aims of ATS tools in the 1st place: simplification, centralization, and integration. At AVRA, we work with what works—and Greenhouse is top of its class in working with our clients’ various in-house infrastructures to actualize these aims into daily workplace realities.

Congratulations, You’re Geared Up to Go Digital!

Your company’s optimal hiring & recruitment ease and success—today and every day in our evolving digital age economy—is truly right at your fingertips.


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