The Avra Difference

The Avra Difference

Welcome to Avra Talent, the number one option for fast and flexible recruiting support for remote-friendly companies. Whether it’s building your hiring roadmap, sourcing top candidates, or integrating an ATS – we’ve got growing businesses like yours, covered.

We often get asked the difference between Avra Talent and traditional recruiting firms, so in keeping with our core value of open and honest communication, we decided to outline the Avra advantage below.

Traditional Recruiting Firms

  • You’ll be offered 1 Recruiter who is usually juggling dozens of open roles at a time
  • Your results will vary regarding a guarantee or satisfaction rate
  • A canned recruiting process, not always allowing for a customizable recruiting process or candidate experience
  • No definitive reporting, or communication

The Avra Difference

  • Instead of a full-cycle recruiter, or embedded contractors, we pair you with a team of recruiting specialists based on The Five Disciplines of Hiring. This creates faster results and fairer pricing. 
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  • We offer a fully customizable recruiting funnel, with a tailored candidate experience
  • The option of fully integrating with your ATS or ours
  • All open roles are maintained daily, with no risk of anything (or anyone) falling through the cracks
  • Our pricing structure is simple and straightforward, based on our belief that the key to business success is Alignment
  • Each week you get a detailed weekly report, as well as a standup with your team and ours. 

Our proven process will begin with a kick-off call. After gathering every bit of information we need, we are off to the races! We’ll create a customized recruiting funnel, monitor daily applicant reviews and screens, then submit the best of the best candidates for your hiring team interviews, conduct a complete reference check, then help your hiring team navigate the offer process, and finally a hire (or multiple)! 

Our passion is helping innovative startups hire great people and because of that, we’ve helped many growing remote companies hire. Please enjoy reading more of our client testimonials and candidate success stories.

With Avra, simply plug into our network of recruiting specialists as needed. As a result, there are no placement fees, no long-term commitments, no expensive overhead, just results. Ready to make your next hire? Let’s chat!

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