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We're values driven

Our core values drive how we do business and who we do business with, plus they spell out TACOS! 🌮



Build trust through Transparency

Seek Alignment

Practice Candid communication

Take Ownership

Strive for Simplicity

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Characteristics we hire for...

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You are intelligent

Whether you graduated from an Ivy-league school or dropped out at 16, we believe intelligence isn’t tied to an education level or IQ test but instead something that can be developed with diligence.

You are highly reliable with a GSD mindset

You say what you mean and do what you say. You are consistent and take ownership in situations, large or small. Regardless of external circumstances, you get the job done.

You are well-respected.

This doesn’t always mean well-liked, but instead, it means those around you, whether friends, neighbors, or colleagues respect you and think of you as someone with character.

You thrive in a remote work environment.

Fully remote work is not for everyone; it requires the ability to quickly pick up online tools, familiarity with our tech stack (G-Drive, Slack, Notion, Airtable, and a variety of modern ATS’), and the ability to communicate (and often over-communicate) well in writing.

You love learning new things

Whether you learn best through reading, listening, doing, or exploring, you’re perpetually curious about the world around you and always trying to level up your personal and professional life through self-directed learning.

The Five Disciplines of Hiring

Open Roles

Recruiting Coordinator

Often referred to as the ‘glue’ within a dedicated talent team. Coordinators act as the Account Manager’s “right hand,” taking extreme ownership over the communication, documentation, and process execution aspects during recruiting sprints.

Freelance, remote


The captain of the ship. Recruiters are the point person for our clients, conducting interviews to ensure we advance only the top candidates to our clients for their open roles. You are the gatekeeper of quality, an engaging storyteller, and empathetic communicator who positively represents each client’s unique brand.

Freelance, remote

Strategic Account Manager

Part-organizational czar, part-account manager, one hundred percent extreme-ownership-taker. Contribute to the growth of an early-stage startup and work closely with amazing companies and the best talent professionals around.

Fulltime, remote

Your Dream Job

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Startup requirements are ever-changing, so there is a good chance that we will have a matching role at some point!

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