How to Create a Compelling Job Description

How to Create a Compelling Job Description

Part of hiring the right person starts with understanding your needs and then synthesizing them into a compelling job description. Sounds simple enough, but we know firsthand that the perfect job description is a well-thought-out and well-crafted piece of content. 

A great job description will attract the perfect hire to fill an open role and help the hiring company bring on the all-around best fit to fill that void and carry the company’s vision forward.

The Logistics

A great job description will cut out a lot of the unnecessary ‘paperwork’ that comes with an open requisition. It will automatically deter most unqualified candidates from applying and begin filling your recruiting funnel with well-aligned candidates from the beginning. 

It’s not like putting a ‘Help Wanted’ ad in the window anymore. We’re talking about something that appeals to the unicorn candidate…and also the rest of the herd –  a statement piece that encompasses the employer’s exact needs while also outlining the company’s identity and purpose, and why that role exists.

What Applicants are Really Looking for in a Job Description

Pay – Be transparent and show you are willing to fairly compensate the right person. You don’t want to miss out on great candidates.

Vision – People want meaning to what they are doing for 40+ hours a week.

Benefits – Any, and this doesn’t include table tennis or free breakfast – many people are working from home now, so, real benefits, please.

Personal Perks – Candidates read this as “time for me, and that’s always attractive.

Expectations – Clearly knowing what they are expected to accomplish in a given timeframe makes it tangible.

An Ideal Job Description Outline

Job title


Salary or Compensation Range

Benefits + Perks

About The Company

Why This Role Exists


Outcomes  or Job Responsibilities



In The First (XX time) You Will


For detailed tips and examples on what to write in each section plus an editable Job Description Template check out our Do-It-Yourself Recruitment Handbook. The complete step-by-step guide to building a recruitment system that hires and retains top talent every time. Learn the secrets agencies don’t want you to know!

Then What?

An effective job description doesn’t end there…it paves the golden brick road for your recruiting process. Yours might include written screens, an interview, a series of interviews, test tasks or skills assessments, portfolio reviews, reference checks, or other steps. In any case, ensure that it is transparent, inclusive, unbiased, and provides for an excellent candidate experience. 

If you need to supercharge your hiring process, contact us to see how our recruiting professionals can quickly add bandwidth to your existing team, or actively fill open roles. 

Happy Hiring!

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