To get started, each company is paired with a point person: a Senior Recruiter who specializes in strategy. They'll ensure you get results by making sure we fully understand your company's culture and the "why" behind each open role. Based on your hiring needs, your Dedicated Recruitment Team (DRT) will consist of an Interviewer, Headhunter and Coordinator to help coordinate and manage all the documentation.



Our Strategists are senior recruiters who come from the entrepreneurial and operations world. They are well-versed in hiring across multiple functions, at many stages within a company’s lifecycle. They’re executors who work closely with your team and our Domain Experts to develop a tailored hiring process based on your culture and needs, then take full ownership of your hiring funnel so you can focus on what you do best.

Highlighted Strategist: Maren Kate

Background: Maren has hired hundreds of people from C-level executives to interns and every stage in between over a decade of starting and scaling businesses. Maren specializes in distributed workforces, people operations and building systems that scale.



As a subject-matter expert in their field, the Domain Expert brings to the table a deep understanding of the nuances of a particular role, and how it fits into the larger business function. The Domain Expert works hand-in-hand with the Strategist to create a recruiting funnel that will allow the best candidates to shine. They help train the Interviewer and Headhunter in what exactly to look for in potential hires, and are available for gut-checks as a candidate is moved through the process. Our Domain Experts work with AVRA in a consulting capacity, meaning they either work for themselves or at top companies in the very field they’re are giving expertise on.

Highlighted Domain Expert: Keri Smith

Background: After working for such organizations as Oracle, NetSuite, US DoD and US Dept of Commerce, Keri believes in taking a strategic, yet tactical approach to creating hiring plans. Keri specializes in recruitment strategy for General and Administrative (FP&A, Legal, HR, IT, Admin), Marketing, and Sales Operations roles.


The Interviewer

The Interviewer is a vital part of the the recruiting ecosystem. They ensure only quality candidates proceed through the screening process based on the questions the Strategist, Domain Expert and Client develop. 

Our Interviewers have a keen eye for detail, which comes in handy as they filter the first step of the funnel. This is  followed by phone screens with candidates who are potential fits. Since the Interviewer role is remote, AVRA gets access to the absolute best people available, each coming with extensive experience and choose to work remotely.

Highlighted Interviewer: Susan Tarjan

Background:  Susan's background includes 6 years at Lee, Hecht, Harrison (the Adecco Group) specializing in outplacement. She's worked with hundreds of people on both sides of the hiring spectrum.  She uses research skills, people sense and EQ to assess applicants so only the 'cream of the crop' are presented to our client companies.



Similar to Boba Fett, the Headhunter searches the talent galaxy for people who could potentially be good candidates for your open role, but may not be actively looking. Though our Headhunters aren’t genetic clones of Jango Fett, they do share his knack for research and investigation.

Our Headhunters think strategically and have a passion for research, utilizing pattern recognition and deep experience to find non-traditional candidates as well as obvious fits.  Once they locate and engage with a potentially interested candidate, they hand off their information to the Interviewer to have an in-depth conversation aimed toward both selling them on the role and vetting them to make sure they are a fit.

Highlighted Headhunter: Thomas Cohen

Background: Finding the right cultural fit for any office or job is tough, especially when you only have words on a piece of paper to refer to. Thomas’s sales background spans multiple industries and has showed him that finding the right candidate isn't much different than finding the right buyer. With diligent research you can discover the qualities and qualifications in each candidate that fits the Hiring Manager's expectations, while also having an eye out for that X-Factor that will set that candidate apart. The only thing left to do from there is sell your company!



Taking the paperwork side of recruiting off the client’s plate as much as possible, The Coordinator professionally handles the influx of resumes, applications, data-points and documents, ATS upkeep, basic research, and more per open role.

Each client receives one of our steadfast Coordinators. Critical to the Client’s Recruitment Team, our dedicated and well-connected Coordinators work in harmony with other members of the DRT, using their ‘get sh** done’ mentality to handle all behind the scene administrative operations ensuring all systems are a go...and on time...with all the necessary details!

Highlighted Coordinator: Elizabeth Bannister

Background:  Elizabeth’s background as an EA has extensively enhanced client effectiveness by providing top-level assistance in both start-up and established roles, globally, and across a myriad of industries. In addition, her training in Anthropology and her bilingual skills gives Elizabeth a keen, detail-oriented eye in cultivating an operationally strong culture within a company.