Eight Examples of Excellent Career Pages in 2022

Eight Examples of Excellent Career Pages in 2022

A well-crafted career page can be the window to the soul of the company, and when done well, it reflects what the company is actually like. This transparent peek is exactly what job seekers are looking for in 2022. 

Believe it or not, only a handful of folks are actively looking for a new job or career move, and in this current job market, your career page is their first stop. This is followed by a visit to GlassDoor, chatting (and checking) with their own network, social media scans, and general Google searches. 


We’ve brought these eight career pages to our excellence list, based on one or a combination of elements:

Easy to navigate – the career page is found easily from the main page, it loads quickly, flows well, and is mobile friendly

Content – the career page is the throne to transparent content that moves the candidate. It is simple and to the point. It includes company mission and/or core values, culture, perks, and benefits and is written in a true voice, with no buzz words or cheesy jargon.

Authentic visual copy – photos, videos, or vlogs of the real company with real employees are gold here. 

Organized search – a search function, a very organized and up-to-date list, and/or filtering options are equal contenders here.

Excellent design – it catches the eye, stays with the brand, is creative and engaging, yet not overwhelming.

Hiring process  – the steps, expectations, and/or timeline are clearly laid out.

Location (or remote) details – the policy is clear and purpose-driven (bonus if there is visual content and/or maps)!

Other important additions – hiring status, current projects, employee testimonials or quotes, company traditions, reviews, ratings, awards, company news, or growth information.


Excellent Examples of Career Pages

1. Calendly

How we hire | Calendly Careers 

The hiring process is clear from beginning to end and shares why it matters to both the candidate and the company. The design is attractive, clear, flows well, and boasts interactive video content of employees answering real questions about what it’s like to work at Calendly.

Calendly Career Page


2. HumanFirst

HumanFirst – Careers 

Easy on the eyes, a clear and chronological flow, and open roles that are well defined and easy to find. Each open role leads to an application page with a well-formulated job description for each. They also show where they’re headed and quickly identify the ideal candidate to join the journey at HumanFirst.

“We have some unprecedented challenges to tackle, and are looking for people who are ready to do the most important work of their career.”

3. Hotjar

Hotjar careers 

People and culture are upfront and center followed by perks and a lined-out recruiting process. To boot, Hotjar’s GlassDoor rating is found at the bottom.

Hotjar Career Page


4. Toast

Toast Careers

First and foremost their open roles are clearly organized and viewable with a simple yet effective filter – by location or department or both. Toast’s career page theme is on-point with the rest of their brand and their values take center stage.

“Have Your Toast and Eat It Too
We offer more than just your standard spread of perks and benefits”

5. Drift

About Us – What is Drift? What are our values? 

The first section of Drift’s career page details WHAT they do and HOW they do it! This is very appealing to potential candidates or viewers who are unfamiliar with the company. They include a simple, yet clear timeline of the company with a bit of growth mixed in and finalized with an excellent tagline. The links to read more about their Leadership Team and News and Achievements are a nice touch. They even have a chat function.

Drift Career Page


6. Klarna

Start your next career | Klarna Careers

You know you’ve got a great career page when the first words you read instantly move you.

“Find your moment in the middle of ours.”

Klarna’s career page invokes feeling and purpose right away. Their company story and support of individualization are framed within a pretty and well-constructed page.

7. Kraken

Kraken Careers

This career page starts out with a video of a discussion between the CEO and the CBO about the ins and outs of working at Kraken. This is followed directly by a search function for open positions and a sidebar of all open roles. The mission is clear, the location and remote policy are clear, and it all ends with a powerful call to action.



8. Wistia

Career Opportunities at Wistia

The visual content on Wistia’s career page is so authentic, we couldn’t help but put this one on our list. Their intent to value each employee is powerful and beckons a feeling of belonging. Their goals and story are told simply, more with less. We also love that they include a space to “drop a line” even if there are no open roles.

“That’s why we foster an environment where everyone is encouraged to bring their unique personalities and skills to the office every single day.”


The problem is, most career pages don’t hold a candle to the ones listed here. An excellent career page doesn’t have to include all of these elements or features, but a combination on a nicely-designed and well thought out career page encourages the right people to apply to your company.



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