We Hire Epic Executive Assistants

At AVRA Talent, we specialize in handling all of your non-technical hiring. We bring to the table dozens of years of experience as entrepreneurs, operators and recruiters for some of the world’s best run companies. One role that is particularly near and dear to our collective hearts is hiring world-class Executive Assistants.


Why trust us with this mission-critical hire?



No team has as much experience around hiring epic assistants as we do.

Our founder’s last company was the leader in the virtual Executive Assistant (EA) space and one of the first startups to champion the idea that a good assistant is actually one of the most important hires you can make. Many of the founding team at AVRA cut their teeth as executive assistants before going on to be involved with the recruiting side of the equation. We’ve got a system that’s been a decade in the making, a strong gut for what makes a great EA, and bloodhound’s ability to sniff out culture and skill misfits—before they reek havoc on your calendar and your company.

Get a taste of our process here.


The cost of mis-hiring is much greater than you may think.

Think you’re busy now? If you hire the wrong EA, the repercussions can be devastating. From amature calendar mistakes that make you look unprofessional to external parties to even more harrowing culture implications, a poor hire in this arena will mean that the person whose time is the most valuable—you—will be spending more energy and resources fighting these fires.

Your unique skills make your business soar, but a great EA uses their complementary strengths to seamlessly take things off of your plate, allowing more time for you to do what you do best while bettering the essential operations of the company. When you have a high caliber assistant who has good character, a desire to please, an obsession with details and is incredibly self-motivated, life is good.


Our network runs deep.

Through years of hiring assistants of all types from coast to coast, we have a deep network of EAs that we can tap in addition to running a thorough inbound and outbound process. This allows us to reach out to assistants we have worked with before and vetted thoroughly, already knowing who would be a great culture-fit for your company.