Hottest (non-technical) Web3 Jobs

Hottest (non-technical) Web3 Jobs

As Web3 becomes more of a reality rather than a theory, cryptocurrency becomes standard, and blockchain becomes, well, just the internet…there are plenty of in-demand roles on the “people-side” of business that companies need to fill.

A common misconception is that one needs to be incredibly technical in order to get a job in Fintech or Web3 in general. Well, that’s just not true. Someone who is active in the Web3 community and knowledgeable about the space might just be the perfect fit.

#1 Community Manager

This may be the most important hire in 2022 and in the near future. It falls in the marketing and customer service niches. Your Community Manager should be able to foster an active, positive community of supporters while ensuring issues are addressed if they’re presented. Just as importantly, you need someone who is native to the world of crypto. Here’s an example – you are looking for someone to promote your newest NFT project. You would hire someone that fundamentally understands Discord + a handful of other native social platforms. You would look for someone that has a deep understanding and passion for building community (and users) from the ground up, and who has the skill and passion to engage with them.

As you search, you’ll want to look for someone who has a degree in marketing plus experience with technology-related marketing. So, it’s important when you’re talking to your potential Community Manager Candidates (or, if you are looking for a community-led job) to have experience and familiarity. Experience doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘raw’ or traditional experience but could be opened up to candidates who know the space, the software, the platforms, and most importantly, the people…really well.

#2 Partnerships Manager

This role requires someone who is very connected to people in the world of crypto. They have an element of business development and a clear understanding of how to connect the dots. Considering how early on we truly are in the space, having someone who can build and maintain relationships is key. Everyone wants to connect, on some level, we do. So, if you have someone that’s really good at it–it’ll be worth their weight in Ethereum.

You’ll want to hire someone who is well networked, someone who can make things happen. Look at it as a sales role of sorts. You are looking for someone who is just that good at building relationships.

#3 Executive Assistant

You can bet that almost any CEO is on the lookout for the best EA. Ultimately, an Executive Assistant will contribute to the efficiency of a business by providing personalized and timely administrative support to the CEO.

To hire a successful Executive Assistant you need someone with a passion for Web3/cryptocurrency/fintech and with the wish to develop their understanding daily. There are lists and lists of qualities and skills that make an excellent EA but most importantly look for someone who is extremely well-organized, has great time management skills, and able to act without guidance when necessary.

#4 Influencer Manager

You’ve heard of them in the world of social media–but thinking about project promotions, and business awareness in general, you’ll want to have someone big promote you. This social media expert will create, manage, and execute influencer marketing strategies to grow your current sphere of influence in Web3.

This someone should have a proven track record of leading influencer activations that have met or exceeded business goals. The person who fills this role is a natural with community engagement and will build new relationships with various influencers across all relevant platforms. They love to network with other influencers out there, online and in real life, remembering that relationship is key.

#5 Events Manager

If you’re thinking about Web3 marketing, you have to consider that much of the marketing in the past has happened on Web2 platforms. We don’t know exactly what new platforms to expect – but we do know they are coming, and we do know that no matter the type of internet we are using, humans will inevitably get together–and that won’t change.

A current and critical need for cryptocurrency companies is visibility. Even in a Web3 world, the internet can lack a tangible presence, so companies often look to reach people IRL to establish that presence, build a brand, and make a name. These big events require an Events Manager. One that is exceptional at planning, prioritization, setting objectives, and execution. So, having an events manager that has a deep understanding of crypto, blockchain, and a decentralized internet as a whole, is fundamental and will be a valuable asset. To boot, look for someone with all-around strong communications skills and a cool head under pressure.

#6 Technical Writer

Companies creating or contributing to one or more open-source projects need qualified Technical Writers to help develop, explain, and market it all. High-level, a Technical Writer will oversee strategy, creation, and execution of thought-leadership content by producing thoughtful content, such as articles about crypto, decentralized finance, and other potential products. They generally work in close collaboration with Co-Founders to create an excellent experience for audiences. They ensure all business narratives and messages are in alignment.

Since, Technical Writers have the skill to produce engaging and relevant content it’s important that your Technical Writer not only have excellent writing, research, and grammar skills but also a firm understanding of how blockchain technology works. This isn’t a technical role (not, really) but does require someone who is tech-savvy. Someone that also has experience and skill in social media, people skills in general, plus digital marketing would make an excellent fit.

#7 Analyst

Depending on your company and the projects and products you have in the Web3 space, the type of Analyst you’ll want to hire first will vary. You may need one, a team of Analysts, or as many as you can get your hands on.

A Risk Analyst will gather information to help companies estimate the risk associated with certain activities or decisions. They’ll review existing systems and procedures, assess upcoming plans for viability and ensure the company factors risk into their decision making. Risk Analysts working in crypto have a strong technical background and are informed on regulations, operations, security, and compliance.

One of the biggest draws of blockchain is its transparency. Since information is freely and readily available, many companies hire Data Analysts to find opportunities that they can leverage. This role involves examining data for patterns and trends, giving companies a chance to remain ahead of the curve.

As more and more companies are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, the Financial Analyst role isn’t going anywhere. Financial analysts are responsible for helping interested investors to make investments, assess risks, create investment strategies and manage investor portfolios. Look for someone with excellent analytical, computer, and math skills plus a degree in finance or business and a license (usually from the Financial Industry Regulation Authority). An excellent Financial Analyst will know new regulations, policies, political situations, and economic trends that may affect investments.

A Research Analyst will research developments in the cryptocurrency industry with the goal of educating people to make their best decisions. It is essential to have strong analytics skills, communication skills, and strategic thinking that will help the general public and the respective business in which you will be working to fulfill and achieve the goals. As with all the positions on this list, the research analyst should have a solid understanding of the industry, including technologies, trading platforms, applications, etc.

#8 Developer

So, let’s describe this Web3 Developer role in 3 ways: it’s more of a technical non-technical role, one that can be landed by someone with an atypical background but with the appropriate skillset, and requires someone with knowledge in the space.

As we transition from Web2 to Web3, the fact remains that products still need to be built. The number one thing for Developers working in the Web3 space is understanding the current and popular languages. Consider your needs, and choose a Developer who is proficient in that language or someone who has experience with a language that will add to your next product. Example? If you’re looking to program on Ethereum, you need someone proficient in Solidity. Bitcoin, look for C++, you know the drill.

Developers tend to stay in demand, and right now– they are a hot commodity.

#9 Designer

If you need Developers, you need Designers as well. Having a Designer who believes thoughtfully designed software can have a positive influence on culture and creativity, and of course–customers can be very beneficial. Web3 is all about transparency, so filling your roles with someone who has the same values can work wonders. Designers at startups often get to work at all levels: everything from contributing to the product ideation and strategy, all the way through to crafting beautiful micro-interactions. A successful designer will effectively balance the immediate needs of the business and consumers while making progress against long-term goals.

The good news is Designers can actually translate their skills quite easily. They don’t need to learn a new language. So, if you’re in need of a Senior Designer, a new Designer, or even an aspiring Designer, look at what people are doing in the space right now and look to connect with these people. Look to network. You may just find the perfect fit.

#10 Chief of Staff

This role is critical for growth. A Chief of Staff will work in all areas of the business in order to drive productivity and alignment across the organization. It’s an important role because they are the key to ensuring that executives constantly remain in touch with their company. Ultimately, a Chief of Staff supports executives in several ways to ensure the company’s goals and initiatives are met

The ideal candidate will have an array of interpersonal and communication skills. Specifically, look for someone with a demonstrated entrepreneurial and a self-starter mentality with a deep interest and working knowledge of Web3 technologies and frameworks. Your Chief of Staff will be able to multitask and self-prioritize tasks based on importance vs. immediacy. They will be able to collect and analyze data both from inside and outside the organization. Experience working with executives, and the ability to influence across multiple levels and functions of an organization is a must. Having a Chief of Staff with mature judgment and discretion, but with a sense of humility and a desire for learning will make strides.

So, analyze your greatest needs and remember competition is fierce in hiring right now. Having a solid foundation of the people-side of your business may just be your greatest asset as we transition into a whole new World Wide Web(3).


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