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Looking for additional income? Interested in exploring what its like to work with cutting edge tech companies? Do you enjoy the fast-paced nature of startups? If so, join the top 2% of talent professionals and work hand-in-hand with exciting startups as an Avra certified freelance recruiter.

Location: remote (North America)

Comp: $30-75/hr

Employment Type: Independent contractor

Our mission
At Avra, we're on a mission to help great people find meaningful work, at companies that are making a positive impact in our world. By connecting the two, we play a role in accelerating the success of our mission-driven clients, which benefits the lives of their customers and workforce.

Why this role exists:
The Interviewer is a vital part of each dedicated recruiting team. In this role, you will screen inbound candidates, engage with passive candidates, and conduct initial interviews to ensure we advance only the top candidates to our clients for their open roles. You are the gatekeeper of quality, an engaging storyteller, and empathetic communicator who positively represents each client’s unique brand.


  • 3+ years recruiting experience (ideally for high-growth startups)

  • Experience-in or strong understanding of tech startups

  • Available Monday - Friday business hours, atleast 10-hours a week

  • Tech-savvy

  • Experience working remotely

Objective Outcomes

Sourcing passive talent:

  • You will engage with passive candidates, provided by the Sourcing Team, and narrow down lists provided to interested, potential fits, then reach out directly through Linkedin or email using YesWare

  • You will confidently speak to our Clients’ vision, how the open role ties into that vision, and the importance of the role within the larger organization

  • You will help develop and document new ways of researching, sorting, and engaging talent—and share that knowledge with the team

Processing inbound applicants:

  • Using an ATS, the Interviewer either moves candidates on to the Phone Screen Stage or follows our Rejection Protocol, using a careful eye for detail on a candidate’s written communication, spelling, and grammar, as well as a curiosity about them holistically as you review resumes, Linkedin and other links provided.

  • Conducting phone screens: In this stage, the Interviewer puts their journalistic hat on. They instantly create rapport with the candidate being screened while probing to get to the heart of their answers: judging for cultural fit, skillset match, and keeping a keen ear open for red flags.

  • Reference checks: For mid-level to senior candidates, the Interviewer will also follow the Reference Check Protocol, both given and back-channel, to get a better understanding of the candidate’s experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and what will help them succeed while looking for red flags.

Required Skills:

  • Attention to detail, both written and verbal

  • Warm conversationalist

  • Excellent written and verbal English

  • Ability to probe delicately and read between the lines when assessing potential candidates

  • Ability to evaluate and communicate the strengths and weaknesses of candidates effectively and concisely

  • Quick learner: can pick up new technical tools, ATS’ and platforms easily

Required Qualities:

  • Highly reliable, results-driven, self-starter

  • Comfortable with ambiguity, able to improvise

  • Genuinely loves interacting with people and enjoys working as part of a team

  • High EQ, especially in regards to outbound prospecting (tone, voice, authenticity is so important)

  • Compassionate and kind, but firm when the situation calls for it

  • Not afraid to speak up and challenge the status quo, but will back it up with data or facts

  • Positive attitude/optimistic

  • Good character

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