Lets re-invent hiring, together.

We are building a global network of Talent Professionals, to curate the knowledge, tools, and best practices that create more inclusive and equitable recruiting across the technology industry.

At Avra, we're building a global network of Talent Professionals..

We want to learn from, grow with and support each other, while helping good people, find great work.

We are focused on the intersection of Talent and Technology, because of the outsized impact connecting the right person, with the right role, has on innovation.

By leveraging our community of Talent Professionals, we can curate the knowledge, tools and best practices that create inclusive and equitable hiring practices — imagine a Unifying Theory of Talent.

It's a huge goal, but we believe together we can work towards an open framework that will act as a rising tide, which lifts up workers and creates change in organizations.

The ask

We'd love to chat and hear about your existing pain points as a Talent Professional, especially any areas for improvement that you haven't seen addressed.