The Avra Process

Our Proven Process is a system developed over the last decade, with best practices learned from thousands of hires and hundreds of client engagements. This step-by-step process is part art, part science, and allows us to help our clients hire the best person, for the right role, as quickly as possible.

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We split our process into three distinct phases:

Intake, Sprint, and Offboarding


Our team dives into your company’s vision and culture, to ensure we match the best recruiters to your open roles and can authentically communicate what makes your team and role a great place for the right candidate.


This allows us to gauge some important details through two questionnaires.

  • A Job Description Questionnaire that gathers information about the role(s) you’re hiring for.
  • Core Company Questionnaire, related to your company values, structure, and hiring goals.

Deep Dive

A series of in-depth calls to understand your company’s culture + values. Additionally, we'll unpack the roles that you’re hiring for, including:

  • Objective outcomes
  • Team Dynamics

Confirm Sprint

We finalize the discovery & deep-dive in three steps.

  • Confirm Job Description(s) & outbound channels.
  • Confirm recruitment funnels & touchpoints.
  • Confirm communication cadence & hiring manager hand-offs.
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Each week we run a process that includes reaching out to between 50 and 100 passive candidates as well as engaging with active candidates who come from a variety of job boards, communities and referral networks.

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Wide Nets

We continually fine-tune our inbound & outbound channels — different roles warrant different measures, so we’ll work with you to incorporate your requirements and deliver the best outcomes.

  • Posting on niche job sites, communities, and role-specific sites
  • Sourcing passive candidates
  • Submitting a first “gauge” of candidate profiles, which acts as an archetype for future outbound searches.


We take your recruitment funnel requirements & begin to process candidates.

  • Processing inbound applications
  • Engaging with passive candidates
  • Complete initial phone screens
  • Initiate test tasks/projects (if applicable)

Intro & Processing

We will submit, via email or Slack, a dossier on a potential candidate as well as a paragraph or two of background.

  • If the candidate isn’t a good fit, we ask for a bit of feedback so we can improve the quality of future submissions.
  • If you’d like to meet the candidate, we’ll introduce them to your hiring manager.

The candidate is then run through your internal processes, and (hopefully!) continues on to the reference stage!


The Recruiter assigned to each role continually checks in to keep great candidates engaged as they go through your internal process.

We can also help with references, once you've narrowed the candidate pool down to 1-3 final contenders, we can help research references, complete reference calls with each, and present your team with the final information and suggestions.

Hire made!

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