Most hiring woes come from one major problem

It takes too long to hire the right candidate, for your open role.

This pain point has one root cause: a lack of bandwidth.

Often we see great companies and talent teams who don’t have the bandwidth to:

  • attract and screen active candidates
  • source passive candidates, through targeted outreach
  • nurture candidates and get them to the finish line before another opportunity snaps them up

That’s why savvy recruiting leaders trust Avra Talent when they need to add bandwidth to their talent teams, fast.

Supercharge your talent team with Avra

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Leverage on-demand recruiting support to scale your hiring efforts

Add bandwidth to your team, while ensuring you get in front of great candidates and close the best candidates. Plug in on-demand, reliable, and cost-effective recruiting specialists to help source, screen, and nurture candidates. 

Source talent

  • Create ‘ideal candidate’ profiles
  • Build lead lists
  • Passive candidate outreach and engagement

Screen applicants

  • Filter applicants and handle initial phone screens
  • Administer and judge skill tests
  • Ensure ATS data quality

Nurture candidates

  • Act as the primary point of contact, facilitating communication between candidates and hiring managers
  • Build relationships and maintain a healthy pipeline of warm candidates
  • Support negotiating + closing candidates

Beat the competition and make great hires, faster

by adding bandwidth to your talent team to help source, screen, and nurture qualified, high-intent candidates with Avra’s on-demand solutions.

With Avra you’re guaranteed:

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