Why a Great Recruiting Coordinator is Truly Magic

Why a Great Recruiting Coordinator is Truly Magic

My first foray into entrepreneurship was selling jewelry I bought in bulk from Indonesia to Americans via eBay. I was 19, operating the business out of a dorm room, and ecstatic about the possibility to make money while I was in class.

I quickly got in over my head and was spending a ton of time on the business. I recruited my best friend, and we managed it together. Soon after, I discovered virtual assistants could give me more bandwidth and started hiring people in the Philippines to manage my websites, help parse orders and take administrative tasks off my plate.

Thus, my lifelong love affair with delegation began shortly after my 21st birthday.

My last startup was a company that connected virtual assistants with entrepreneurs; we saw people increase their productivity by 5-10x by offloading most of the detail-oriented work to their remote EA.

When I began to build AVRA, the first hire I made was a Recruiting Coordinator. This role is similar to an Executive Assistant in a lot of ways—they are in charge of making sure nothing falls through the cracks of your hiring funnel.

A good Recruiting Coordinator is priceless.

They manage the flow of candidates through your ATS (applicant tracking system), send polite rejection emails, and handle hurt feelings (important in a world where people look to Glassdoor before they apply for a job). A Recruiting Coordinator also manages the unholy amount of documents across various platforms that each search—when done properly—requires.

The Coordinator acts as the hiring manager, what we call Recruiters’, right hand. Similar to a great virtual assistant, they handle the bulk of the nitty gritty so you can focus on phone screens, in-person interviews and really digging into if the candidate can, and is willing, to do the work required.

You may now be rubbing your hands together as you eagerly imagine a world where you don’t have to manage the copious amount of action items and paperwork that comes with every hire you need to make.

How can I get my hands on this kind of productivity multiplier?!

Traditionally, you’d hire a Recruiting Coordinator, someone usually a bit junior and train them up. Depending on what city you’re hiring in, your company’s panache, compensation package, etc. this may—or may not—be a total pain.

Ironically, you often need a Recruiting Coordinator to properly run the hiring funnel to find a great Recruiting Coordinator.

Total Inception moment, I know.


It’ll be costly, they may get bored or burned out, and soon will probably want to move into another part of the Recruiting process—which your company may, or may not, need at the moment.

Thus, you start another search, for a Recruiting Coordinator.

Alas, the ecstacy and agony of hiring good people.

If you can afford it and have the time and patience, this is a totally worthwhile hire. Alternately, if you are missing one or more of those three elements—there’s another option.

  1. AVRA can handle your entire hiring funnel, from soup to nuts, with our world-class dedicated Recruiting Team of 3 to 5 people, one of which is always a kick-ass Coordinator.
  2. You can go a la carte and hire one of our AVRA Certified Coordinators for a flat monthly fee with added hours, if need be.

When we work with a client, we see it as a partnership. AVRA only works with companies whose vision, and culture, we can get behind. Part of our secret sauce is that we’re real people who get to know your company, your culture and are invested in your success.

Interested in learning more?

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