Top Remote Job Boards for Employers

Top Remote Job Boards for Employers

If you were to catch us on the street, we’d normally invite you in for a cup of joe and sit you down, or send you a zoom link, for a long convo on all the smart, forward-thinking, and mighty mouse reasons of being, or becoming, a remote-first company…or how we can help you with your remote hiring needs. 

Today, though, we are simply hoping to ease the hiring process for remote companies, new and old with this list of top remote job boards for employers. The boards listed here are user-friendly, host a wide variety of remote work categories, and are connected to large communities of remote job seekers. We could make this list as long as the pandemic that prompted it, but for now, we hope this can be an easy jumpstart and an ongoing resource for you. 

Our current list of top remote job boards for employers


One of our go-tos…with over fifty categories, and postings ranging from freelance and contract to part-time and full-time in every level of experience. They have multiple Membership Account levels, all of which provide employers the ability to post an unlimited number of jobs, and conduct unlimited resume searches.

We love them because of how easy it is to post. Their platform is geared towards quick, accurate, and professional job posts with high exposure to candidates. We also appreciate the way they break down each area of expertise once posted. Even more appreciated, is their exceptional customer service. They are very responsive and will review your post with any corrections needed.

Just Remote

Their website has quickly risen in popularity and their pricing is fair and aligned. They have an easy-to-use and attractive job board and one of the perks of using this site is if you’re too busy to fill the form for your open role, you can send an email to them with a link or attachment of your listing and they will post it for you!


Reach all the job seekers that are looking for remote work. Having a company profile easily allows you to post your open role and reach the network of AngelList professionals interested in remote work in a Startup environment. See our guide on how to List Your Startup on AngelList.

We Work Remotely

They have a simple, straightforward layout, and are a catch-all of remote and work-from-home jobs. They are one of the largest remote work communities out there and with their remote work resources, they stand by their goal of ”finding the most qualified people in the most unexpected place.” 


Posting here gives you access to passive candidates who aren’t necessarily “looking.” We’ve found there seems to be a higher caliber of candidate that responds on LinkedIn compared to some other boards. Some of which wouldn’t necessarily look for “remote” but given the opportunity, would consider it. Posting here is on the pricier end of the spectrum, but well worth it when it comes to quality. 


Since Reddit is a social networking site with hundreds of millions of unique visitors monthly, it’s a great way for employers to reach their audience. Job posts are free and appear as posts in a subreddit (Reddit community). Users determine which posts appear at the top of the recruitment-specific subreddits by “upvoting”– a system that ranks each post based on its popularity. Although, some do show job posts in chronological order.


Featuring a wide range of curated jobs, and a wide range of pricing packages, we find them to be just customizable enough to be a perfect fit. Jobspresso also stands out in the sense that they keep your job posted for 90 days, as opposed to the normal 30-day range. 


If you’re looking for more than a job board, Indeed is the way to go. It is one of the most robust job search engines out there. It pulls job data from across the internet and around the world. Since the shift to remote work has become more prominent, Indeed has kept up with the times and made the necessary changes, giving it a spot on our list. 

Virtual Vocations 

Originally started by a stay-at-home mom who was frustrated with the lack of legitimate remote job listings online, and now run by an entirely remote team. Their job board gives you options to customize your post, how candidates apply, and the best part is your posted job is featured in email alerts to 800,000+ job seekers. You also get access to application tracking stats, including CTR and views, which to us, is supremely important. They also have a full blog with real remote working tips. 


Remote Tech Jobs

It’s likely you need to fill in your Technical Department(s) and finding job boards that allow you to post strictly for Technical Positions is helpful. Many tech professionals dream of working remotely and hiring a distributed team can be a problem solver for startups.  Remote Tech Jobs’ mission is to “connect these two groups and make remote jobs more prevalent.”  Their job board allows jobseekers to filter by technology and offers 3 pricing tiers for employers all in a straightforward, organized, and visually appealing platform.


As you get familiar with these top, in-class, remote job boards and find the ones that work best for you, and as you find and hire the ultimate people to join your team, be sure to open your horizon to using niche job boards. There are plenty of high-quality, remote ones out there which you can use to hire remotely in a very specific category, or experience level.


Check back for updates as we find, USE, vet, and rate boards of all (remote) kinds…


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