Our Services

Choose between two offerings, depending on your stage and budget.

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The Agency

White-glove, hands-on support to help you actively fill roles and add recruiting bandwidth to your team.

Dedicated team

Get access to a dedicated team of recruiting specialists, who get to know your culture, needs, and operating systems.

Huge time-savings

We can handle up to 90% of the hiring process so you only engage with the top candidates who matter.

Experts at remote

No firm has as much experience recruiting for remote teams. Tap into decades of experience to optimize your processes and avoid pitfalls.

Talent Portal

Looking for a DIY option? Get access to thoroughly vetted recruiting and admin talent through our Talent Portal.

Avra Certified™

We only accept the top 2% of applicants to be part of this highly-curated community, those who pass our rigorous tests become Avra Certified™

Engage directly

No placement fees, no hidden charges. Pay for a yearly membership and then engage with candidates directly.

Highly curated

We ensure quality and engagement by limiting both the number of employers and professionals on the platform at any given time.
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