The Strategist: We’re Hiring!

The Strategist: We’re Hiring!

In the mid-term future I believe that most people won’t work for a company, but will instead work with multiple firms and entrepreneurs. AVRA’s internal business model is a perfect example of this, each Specialist is an independent contractor and is an expert in one of the 5 Disciplines of Hiring. They take on as much, or little, work as they’d like and are judged solely on their results and how they embody our company culture and core values. We each share in the benefits when we make a successful hire, both the recruiting team directly involved and the larger company. We believe this makes for a far better, remote, workplace and a more tight knit culture.

We are always hiring for Coordinators and Interviewers, and now are looking for a few very special people to act as Domain Experts who excel in one of the following fields: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Human Resources.

Recruiting Specialist: The Strategist – Job Description

Location: Remote

Comp: 40 USD /hr. + commission

Job Title: Recruiting Specialist: The Strategist

The Company’s mission: AVRA Talent Partners is focused on disrupting the traditional recruitment industry through decentralizing of expertise. This means instead of one recruiter, running the full lifecycle on every open role assigned to them, AVRA has dedicated recruiting teams that consist of Coordinators, Interviewers, Headhunters, Domain Experts, all led by a kick-ass Strategist.

Why this role exists: Part-project manager, part-recruiter, one-hundred percent extreme-ownership-taker, the Strategist is a key part of what makes AVRA different than a traditional recruiting firm. The Strategist leads a team of 3-5 specialists, each who specialize in one of the five disciplines of hiring, and focuses on helping lead their team to find the best candidate for each open client role.

What’s in it for you? Contribute to the growth of an early stage startup and get to work with a kick-ass team. Enjoy lots of freedom, flexibility and ownership in a remote work environment. Work closely with and learn from a seasoned entrepreneur in an exciting field, with lots of growth potential.

Required experience:

  • Minimum 5 years experience recruiting, whether it’s with an agency, or in-house acting as a hiring manager for your team/company.
  • Operational or Entrepreneurial background


  1. You will take extreme ownership of a your team’s results, with the object of finding the best person for each open role our client’s give us.
  2. You will build out strategies for each open role based on: compensation, the percentage of a population who is employed, what percentage of our search will be inbound, versus outbound, then hold your team accountable for executing.
  3. You will manage your team’s budget, and ensure that each client team is not going over what has been allotted based on our 50/50 model (more on that later).
  4. You craft Job Descriptions based on the client needs, working hand-in-hand with Client to understand what these are from her in-person communications with the client
  5. You brainstorm, research and get curious about ways we can attract the right talent for each open role. You update recruiting strategy as real-world data comes back and work with your team to build the most effective, and efficient, plan.
  6. You are a general looking at the battlefield and setting a best-laid plan for winning, but, as information comes back on a weekly basis, you’re open to adjusting the game plan to optimize for our client’s best interest and allow us to find the highest caliber candidates—wherever they may be.
  7. You will roll up your sleeves and be able to handle any other parts of the hiring process that need handling—from phone screens, to outbound sourcing—then you’ll be able to train your team on the best way to operate

Core competencies:

  • Entrepreneurial ownership-taker
  • Project management
  • Strong, yet empathetic, leader who desires to help grow their team into the best each can be
  • Warm conversationalist with the ability to probe without being offensive and read between the lines when assessing potential candidates
  • Track record of setting strategy to recruit people to join companies, teams, events, etc.
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Strong pattern recognition

Hard skills

  • Proficient in “the Google stack” (e.g. Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, Forms, etc)
  • Working knowledge of Linkedin Recruiter
  • Proficient using other job sites: ZipRecruiter, Angel List, Indeed, Monster, etc.
  • Strong written English
  • Strong verbal English + communication skills

Personal + Professional Attributes

  • Hyper-reliable
  • Creative and very curious, constantly learning and evolving
  • Data-driven
  • Analytical
  • Continually learning
  • Systems and process driven
  • Problem-solver, puzzle-lover: the Strategist lives by the ideal that the right person is out there; it is our job to find them.

To Note:

  • This role requires good availability. You’re online or at least available throughout most business days, and can be responsive to your team on North American time zones.
  • This role can be done from anywhere in the world but operating on North American time zones is a must. Good verbal English, and perfect written English is important as well as a strong understanding of the American recruiting and business landscape.

How to Apply: **Please apply directly through THIS LINK … please be advised we do not view any applications unless they go through our portal.**


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