Client and Candidate Experiences

What our customers say about us

Honestly, I wouldn't tell you guys to change a thing. From the start, I was so impressed with the speed of your responses, and your friendliness overall. It was a great first impression and awesome reflection on the company as a whole. You were extremely professional while still remaining so personable and inviting. This made it very easy for me to be myself and speak from the heart. I feel like I was treated with RESPECT, which is surprisingly rare these days, especially when it comes to the interview process. It was greatly appreciated. I would describe my experience with AVRA as the ideal recruitment experience. If only AVRA was around for all my past hirings! I'm sure many headaches would've been eliminated. I could only hope to work with people of the same caliber in the future. It was a genuinely awesome experience (and not just because I got a job out of it)!
Krista C. — Hired! Quality Control Associate at DistroKid
You did great. It was a quick, smooth process. I would recommend you to others.
Chris Nicholson — CEO at Skymind
Thank you so much for your help during this process. It was a great experience, and it's an honor to have been selected from a pool of so many talented candidates. I want to thank you again for all your time, attention, and encouragement throughout this process. It meant a lot to me that you shared with me the feedback I received from my references. Thank you for shepherding this process, and no matter the outcome, it’s been a pleasure working with you and your agency!
Lynn D. — Hired! Sales Development Representative at Arternal
I appreciated the time and energy that you put into this process, and I felt that you cared about me as an individual. I also really appreciated you reaching out to me from time to time to check in on the progress. Your work is thorough, detailed, and professional. I would recommend you and your team to anyone looking to hire amazing talent.
Sara V. — Hired! EA to the CEO at Kingsland University
I'm so pleased with how much Avra helped me in finding a candidate. Instead of being overwhelmed with over 300 candidates, we had the opportunity to focus on very quality people and select a really excellent person to join our team.
Natalie Nagele — Co-Founder + CEO at Wildbit
Avra, through this whole process, has been more efficient and communicative than any other recruiting team I have worked with in the past. In my 3 month search for the perfect position, I went through a lot of recruiters who presented me with empty promises and a lack of responses. Everyone I have spoken with at Avra were beyond communicative and made this process so smooth and I am so thankful.
Katie W. — Hired! Customer Service Agent at DistroKid
Thanks again for advocating for me, and really appreciate your transparent approach. The process of working with you was very smooth. It was very conversational, getting to know me and what I wanted vs a transaction. Thank you for that.
Kashem M. — Hired! VP Marketing at Magic
AVRA Talent Partners learned our culture and requirements -- and within 30 days we had three offers out to qualified, amazing candidates. AVRA's team was responsive, proactive, and hands-on. Highly recommended!
Philip Kaplan — Founder + CEO at DistroKid