Interviews at the intersection of Talent + Technology

Tune into our podcast, Talent and Tech, where Managing Partner @Maren Kate has candid conversations with founders, investors, and talent leaders in the startup space. 

Guest Highlights

Tianna Johnson
Head of Talent @ Notion

Tianna talks about how to create a holistic hiring process, how to navigate startup based talent ops, and shares her favorite tips and tricks for both talent professionals and candidates.

Atli Thorkelsson
Director of Talent Networks @ Redpoint Ventures

Atli detailed the structure of an executive search, the role of a founder in enabling their team with connection opportunities, building a career, and remote-work infrastructure, and his thoughts on the impacts of remote work.

Malinda Coler
Co-Founder & CEO of LessonsUp

Malinda talks about building communities, connecting companies with diverse talent, and helping job seekers stand out in a competitive job market.

Johnathan Tamblyn
Head of Talent @ Gemini

Hear how Jonathan has developed the talent function at Gemini with a focus on transparency, structure, and attribute and value-based interview methods. He also shares his advice for technical and non-technical professionals wanting to break into the web3 and crypto space.

Ronit Avni
Founder & CEO of Localized

Listen in as Ronit talks about her founder’s journey, her views on remote work & global hiring, and her experiences working with VC firms.

Mike Del Ponte
Co-Founder of Studio HQ

Mike shares his journey to building a robust network and becoming a serial entrepreneur. He advises on the importance of authenticity and purpose in branding for early-stage startups and candidates within a competitive job market.

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