Startups love working with Avra

So do candidates!

I can’t thank you enough for being my champion during this process, for your constant encouragement and confidence in me. I’m honored to be a part of my new team.
Head of Growth @ Biotech startup

My experience with Avra was nothing but positive. I felt like they had my best interest, and I appreciated that they continued to reach out and check in after our initial conversation. If someone was looking for a recruiter, I would not hesitate to recommend Avra.
– Sr. Account Executive @ PR Startup

Northstar Money

"Avra is the only solution I've worked with that actually reduced the amount of work on my plate. They reduced my workload by at least 10 hours a week, with much higher quality results than if I had done it on my own."

Staci Perkins

"The Avra team has the most comprehensive and data-driven process of any recruiter we worked with. Their detailed candidate evaluation process allowed us to get a much better sense of candidates before deciding whether or not to interview them - it has been a pleasure working with Avra!"

Maggie Hsu
Kruze Consulting

"With AVRA's help, nearly every candidate we interview is a slam dunk. The speed, accuracy, and bespoke service they offer have been instrumental to our growth!"

Vanessa Kruze