Top 10 Sites for Testing Interviewees

Top 10 Sites for Testing Interviewees

There are times when, as humans, we need to follow that innate, solid, more often than not 100% right thing that we all have deep inside of us, that quirky urge and funny tingle… that thing called intuition.

It’s a darn shame that this technique doesn’t always work with hiring, though. For this, there’s a remedy… Pre-Employment Testing. Sounds boring huh? With this list of top sites to help you hire your next, absolutely amazing, “where have you been all my life?!” employee, you’ll probably never use the words “boring” and “testing” in the same sentence again.

Evidence-based hiring and data-driven results are the common theme of the following top sites, taking the guesswork out of hiring…saving your intuition for other important areas of your life.

Top 10 Sites for Testing Interviewees

This interviewing platform, designed for technical screening and IT talent acquisition best serves employers who need to screen large numbers of technical talent in a jiffy. eTeki’s features access to technical experts in-house. Their video interviewing tools are powered by a web of trained and certified IT specialists and they offer services to assess each candidate’s technical skills in real time.

Skilled partners with employers to evaluate candidates on both their abilities, and their weak spots by pairing them with industry experts who conduct technical mock-interviews. Feedback forms are used to determine what criteria will be covered during an interview and results are shared with both employer and candidate revealing “where they shine and where they need to polish.” The Skilled Dashboard keeps employers up to date and keeps track of where a candidate is in the process.

An innovative recruitment platform that takes the shape of an interactive, immersive game. Potential hires will be asked to walk through a game, and make key decisions based on a series of conflicts encountered along the way. Their psychometric assessment tool is designed to evaluate a candidate’s soft skills and provide insight into a candidate/player’s strengths and weaknesses in the specific areas of: resilience, flexibility, adaptability, decision making.

TestDome provides programming, aptitude, and administrative tests to candidates by giving them a sample of actual work. TestDome uses Evidence-Based Hiring methodology to make data-driven hiring guidance and runs on the knowledge that work-sample testing is a better standard of work performance than indirect measures, like education level, personality, or IQ. Public questions are free, while premium questions are available only on a paid account.

Partners with to offer employers a “psychometric testing platform.” The included tests have been professionally written by experienced occupational psychologists fluent in developing tests assessing candidates for graduate & professional jobs.

Plum is powered by the Artificial Intelligence and the deep awareness of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Plum helps companies hire, blossom, and keep top talent. Plum is confident that their software will inform an employer if a potential-hire will thrive in a role even before they’re hired.

Skills First has the ability to partner with education providers to source candidates with needed skills. They, too, use Evidence-Based talent practices to find qualified candidates with the emphasis on retention. They use a 7-step model and allow for staff development within their system to manage and provide career coaching to help entry-level associates move ahead.

PSI is unique in that they specialize in a variety of non-technical roles (as well as technical roles). Talent consulting for hiring and development is included in their services. Assessments are scalable to suit few, or millions of candidates who have the chance to experience real-world challenges showcasing the hiring company’s brand. All assessments include instantaneous reporting.

Providing aptitude, personality, and skills tests, Criteria believes a successful employee testing program begins with choosing rigorously vetted and validated, job-related tests. This is exactly why they provide unique tests to help inform hiring decisions that reflect the abilities and skills that are required for each unique role.

When top candidates are neck-and-neck, it can be tough to know who holds the most promise and potential. WonScore gives employers a complete look at individual performance for total confidence in hiring. They provide quick testing on any device in the areas of: cognitive ability, motivation and personality.

Oh, and just to be safe…

5 tips from Forbes to ensure pre-employment testing delivers the desired business outcomes and is legally defensible…

Employers can increase the likelihood of hiring high-quality candidates by using pre-employment tests to help screen and select the best candidates for jobs. Administered correctly, pre-employment testing can help companies save time and cost in the selection process, decrease turnover, increase productivity, and improve morale. Even though screening tests are occasionally challenged in court, companies can reduce their legal risk by ensuring test validity and reliability, by making sure tests do not cause disparate impact on minorities or protected groups, and by consistently applying tests to all candidates.

  1. Choose the right tests and certify validity and reliability
  2. Ensure tests meet all EEO laws
  3. Conduct thorough research if purchasing tests from outside companies
  4. Avoid test questions of an overly personal nature or that are considered offensive
  5. Do not rely solely on test results to choose candidates

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