The Recruiting Sourcer: an essential resource for growing companies

The Recruiting Sourcer: an essential resource for growing companies

The Great Resignation has sent hiring and recruiting into a frenzy. Job seekers are jumping at the chance to take advantage of the current candidate market to find bigger and better opportunities. Companies are desperately trying to hold onto the great employees they have while also attracting top talent without breaking the bank.

In this ever-evolving and often chaotic employment environment, one role that is emerging as a shining star is the Recruiting Sourcer. Sourcing passive candidates has been a common practice when filling executive roles but companies are now using this practice to fill roles across the entire organization, from entry-level to VP.

What is a Recruiting Sourcer?

The world is full of great people who have the skills you’re looking for but most of them don’t even know your company exists and many are not actively looking for a new job. A Recruiting Sourcer can find great candidates so that you can invite them to join your team. They are a must-have on any hiring team.

What does a Recruiting Sourcer do?

  • Saves you time and money! 💵 Recruiters and hiring teams are stretched thin at a time when they need to hire more. The Recruiting Sourcer can handle the time-consuming task of finding aligned candidates so the recruiter or hiring manager can focus on engaging candidates, nurturing connections, and developing the relationships that lead to great hires.
  • The nuts 🥜and bolts 🔩**:** A Recruiting Sourcer will use Sourcing tools and Boolean searches to crawl the internet and find professionals that have the experience and qualifications you’re looking for in ideal candidates.

“Sourcing and finding people is the most important. You can’t recruit, message, or network with someone you haven’t found.” ~ Glen Cathey

Qualities of a great Recruiting Sourcer

  • With creativity and curiosity, they are a natural problem solver who is willing to think outside the box, learn new skills and techniques, and look where no one else thought to look to find the right candidates for the role.
  • Effective and efficient sourcing requires the use of technology so they will be knowledgeable about a range of sourcing tools and tech.
  • A great Recruiting Sourcer will adapt to change easily and stay laser-focused on the goal regardless of how long it takes.
  • Attention to detail and stellar critical thinking skills are a must. Sourcing requires combing through thousands of resumes and LinkedIn profiles to find the right work history and experience that will be a perfect fit. This requires attention to detail, patience, and keen insight.

Where can you find a Recruiting Sourcer?

If you have an in-house talent team, you could add a Recruiting Sourcer to your existing team. According to ZipRecruiter, the salary for a full-time Recruiting Sourcer in the U.S. is between $45,111 and $66,116 annually.

There is also the option of hiring a freelancer that can be contracted on a per-job basis through marketplaces like Upwork. Freelance Recruiting Sourcers charge a wide variety of rates depending on their experience, specialty, and location around the globe. Hourly rates for freelancers can range from $10 to over $100.

Starting to think that hiring and managing an in-house Recruiting Sourcer might be more work than you’re ready for? We have good news! You can outsource your talent team (including a Recruiting Sourcer). Let Avra Talent’s vetted Recruiting Specialists and Sourcers find you the best passive candidates to fuel your outbound hiring campaign.

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