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This is the point of truth for how we hire, how we work, and how you can apply. If you’re passionate about helping people get hired and excited about working with venture-backed startups, Avra may be the perfect place for you.

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Learn about our roles and hiring process below.

Recruiting Specialists

You are the captain of the ship. By sourcing, screening applicants, and conducting interviews you’ll ensure we advance only the top candidates for our client’s open roles. You are the gatekeeper of quality, an engaging storyteller, and an empathetic communicator who positively represents each client’s unique brand.

Sourcing Specialists

This role is equal parts detective and analyst. You will put your investigative skills to the test to find aligned candidates and use your analytical skills to determine if they’re a good fit for our client’s open roles.

Recruiting Coordinators

Often referred to as the ‘glue’ within the talent team. Coordinators take extreme ownership over the communication, documentation, and process execution aspects of the recruiting sprint.

Avra Values

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🌮 (T)ransparency | (A)lignment | (C)ommunication | (O)wnership | (S)implicity 🌮


We are a distributed organization that serves remote-friendly companies within an industry (recruiting agencies) that has a reputation for hit-or-miss results. This is why our first value is transparency, ensuring we always “show our work” and document everything we do to increase clarity amongst our team. We believe transparency builds trust.


Business is often approached like a zero-sum game. It’s all or nothing; you screw or get screwed. This is a huge fallacy. Instead, the most fulfilling and profitable relationships are built on mutual respect and the alignment of goals. This is why we strive for a win-win-win in each interaction; a win for our clients, a win for the candidate, and a win for the company.


At Avra, each person is encouraged to take extreme ownership of their work, our client’s experience, and the company’s overall success. This requires being clear about the goal and rationale behind every interaction and fostering an environment where speaking up, even when it’s unpopular, is encouraged. We prize results over optics!

Strive for Simplicity

Striving for simplicity means finding the levers that produce outsized results with less effort and pulling them. It means always asking ourselves how something can be boiled down to its essence.

Candid Communication

Whether communicating with candidates, clients, or fellow team members, one of Avra’s most important values is authentic, candid communication. Authenticity means bringing your genuine self to the table every time. Candor is the quality of being open and honest when expressing yourself. We strive to hold true to this value whether dealing with a candidate who won’t be a fit or being honest when a client has unrealistic expectations. It’s also vital in our communication with each other. Caring candor allows us to have hard conversations and then move forward without resentment or feeling unheard.

How We Hire

Transparency is important to us so we’re sharing what you can expect when applying.

Step 1

We look at every application every day. We will look at your resume for expertise, alignment, and values. We may keep you in mind for future roles even if the one you applied for isn’t a fit today. If you have experience with technical recruiting or working with startups make sure it shows!

Step 2

If we think you could be a fit but we need more information to decide, we will ask you additional questions via email for more context.

Step 3

You’ll be invited to a Zoom call to talk about your skills and qualifications. During this call you’ll learn more about the role and we will answer all the questions you may have about Avra Talent.

Step 4

Technical application. It’s not too elaborate but we would like to see your professional skills in action!

Step 5

You’ll be invited to a Zoom call with one of our leaders to talk further about culture and alignment and answer any questions that may have popped up for you since our first chat.

Step 6

You made it!

You’ll be invited to join the Avra Talent Network of independent contractors.