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We partner with your startup to attract, vet and close the most important hires; from Operations and HR, to Product and Marketing.



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At Avra we are as discerning about our clients, as we are about the talent we help them hire. Please request a referral from a current or past client, or request an invitation below:

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The first 50 hires can make, or break, your startup. Your dedicated talent team quickly and effectively fill open roles, while advising on strategy and implementing hiring best practice.

Experience the Avra difference

Better talent, faster results, fairly priced.

We start by understanding your culture and what success looks like for each role. Then cast a wide net, running every candidate through a process that is thorough, diverse and produces consistent results.

Your dedicated team hits the ground running within days of engaging, handling 80% of the recruiting process, from sourcing, to initial conversations, and reference checks.

Our goal is to form long-term relationships with our clients. We optimize for what's best for your startup’s goal, versus short term profits, and act as an ongoing sounding board for your people function.

We handle 80% of the hiring process—from creating compelling job descriptions to reviewing resumes and conducting initial phone screens—so you get the right fit, every time.

On-Demand Recruiting

For early-stage and scaling startups.

Avra pairs each client with a dedicated team of recruiting specialists, augmented by domain experts with real-world experience in the roles you need to fill. We specialize in:


- Finance

- HR / Recruiting

- Administrative


- Digital

- PR

- Growth


Fully remote roles

Trusted by Growing Companies

Backed by an NPS of 87, with glowing reviews from candidates and clients.

  • As a leading anti-human trafficking organization in the United States and Asia, it has been challenging finding the right staff to join our growing team. The AVRA team has served as an extension of our human resource team, helping us fill critical roles. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and committed to helping Nomi Network grow our mission to serve women and girls around the world.

    Diana Mao Co-Founder + President, Nomi Network
  • Having worked with many other recruiters, I can easily say AVRA is the best we’ve ever worked with. They take the time and care to actually understand the type of people (skills + fit) we are looking for upfront, which ultimately saves us a ton of time/headache, since they only show us good candidates without too much noise or overhead. We’ll continue to use AVRA for help hiring any non-technical role.

    Sam WilcoxonCEO, Ask Lorem Tech
  • As a small business owner, recruiting talent is a critically important task, but can also be very time consuming and take me away from other critical tasks. It’s also not what I’m best at! Working with Avra has taken the stress of recruiting off my plate, as well as the headaches associated with working with typical recruiters. They often ask for a lot of my time, reviewing a rolodex of candidates that are not a fit. I’ve had very little success with traditional recruiters, whereas Avra has found the right candidate for 100% of the roles for which we’ve hired them. They are transparent, a pleasure to work with, and take their recruiting process further, helping to really vet candidates before they come across my desk. I’m looking forward to a long relationship with the Avra team!

    Heather KauffmanCo-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Full Circle Home
  • As a founder, we’re all busy and hiring is just another thing that seems like a daunting task when your plate is already full. Maren and her strong team took the stress out of the hiring process and assured me that they would handle the heavy lifting of vetting resumes and screening the candidates. We were looking to hire our first SDR (which was foreign territory for me) and the AVRA Talent team streamlined the entire process. I was very impressed by their level of professionalism and guidance with each step. Our first SDR hire has been a success and this would have been a difficult time-consuming process for me without Maren and her team. AVRA is a joy to work with and I would recommend them to any founder who is just as busy as I am.

    Sean GreenCo-Founder + CEO, Artenal
  • You were both incredibly communicative, responsive and helpful. You gave us a high quality pool of candidates which produced an ideal match in relatively few interviews. Overall, a great experience with an optimal result.

    Ben PorterVP of Operations, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?
  • Great Job, very thoughtful process. I think you did a good job listening to the team and having a feel for the kind of people we needed to fit the roles. I enjoyed working with you and the interactions were always very efficient, engaging and productive.

    Eric ThurberManaging Director, Three Bridge Wealth Advisors

AI doesn’t hire people.
People hire people.

To help connect great companies and great people through meaningful work.

At Avra we believe meaningful work is core to the human experience. Meaningful work creates community, builds confidence and can positively impact the world. We believe that people will always want good work, and companies will always need great people. Avra helps connect the two. Every day we are working towards a future where these opportunities are abundant and accessible.

We are a distributed team of Talent Specialists working remotely from all over North America. We’re passionate about what we do and truly believe that there is an ideal job for every person and an ideal person for every job.

Startup hiring, done right.

Unlike traditional recruiters, we focus on relationships versus transactions, by taking the time to understand your startup’s unique culture + goals, we deliver better candidates and represent your brand in a way you’d be proud of.

Startup hiring, done right.

Unlike traditional recruiters, we focus on relationships versus transactions, by taking the time to understand your startup’s unique culture + goals, we deliver better candidates and represent your brand in a way you’d be proud of.